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170mm Honesuki

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Honesuki are slightly thicker Japanese knives designed to process poultry. The thicker blade places more meat behind the edge to allow you to work around bones and joints, whilst the k-tip leaves a thinner edge for the finer, more detailed work.


  Gyutos are the workhorse of a kitchen and are designed to handle most kitchen tasks. This knife is a 205mm low layer damascus knife has a full flat grind with a particularly thin tip making it suited to some fine tip work. 

The honesuki is hand forged from 1084 and 15n20 lower layer damascus and features a full flat grind. The WA handle is made out of a piece of stabilised Gidgee with a black G10 spacer.

Blade Length: 170mm
Handle: 125mm
Overall Length: 310mm
Height at heel: 40mm
Thickness above heel 4.2mm
Thickness mid way: 3.3mm
Thickness 1cm from tip: 1.5mm
Weight: 165gm


This is a high carbon steel knife and as such a little extra care is required. Please refer to my knife care page for more information.