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mb bladesmith

120mm Mini Cleaver

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I designed these mini cleavers to both compliment my larger cleavers, as well as be an option for those that need to carry their knife roll to and from work. This cleaver is less than half the weight of its larger counterpart, but is no less up to heavy work in the kitchen. This range of cleavers will cut through bone if need be and were tested by chopping through 5mm mild steel bar a minimum of three times each to test edge retention.

The cleavers are forged out of 1095 high carbon steel and has a hamon to add a visual appeal. The handle features a tapered tang, with black G10 scales and brass spacers and pins.

Blade Length: 120mm
Handle: 130mm
Overall Length: 255mm
Height at heel: 59mm
Thickness above heel 3.3mm
Thickness mid way: 3.3mm
Thickness 1cm from tip: 3.3mm
Weight: 340gm


This is a high carbon steel knife and as such a little extra care is required. Please refer to my knife care page for more information.