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mb bladesmith

210mm BBQ cleaver

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This barbecue cleaver is pretty hefty at nearly 250gm, and is designed to make an impression when carving up that reverse seared tomahawk steak or brisket that you have been smoking to perfection.


The cleaver is hand forged from 52100 steel with a brute de forge finish. The flat grind has a slight convex at the tip to aid with food release and there is a little swedge near the tip to give the knife an aggressive look. As with all my knives the spine and the choil are rounded for comfort and the handle features some Western Australian wandoo with an aluminium spacer.

Blade Length: 210mm
Handle: 135mm
Overall Length: 360mm
Height at heel: 54mm
Thickness above heel 3.2mm
Thickness mid way: 3.1mm
Thickness 1cm from tip: 1.0mm
Weight: 248gm


This is a high carbon steel knife and as such a little extra care is required. Please refer to my knife care page for more information.