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240mm gyuto with hamon

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Gyutos are the workhorse of a kitchen and are designed to handle most kitchen tasks. At 240mm long and 55mm tall, this is a large knife with a commanding presence. The blade is 3.8mm thick at the handle and quickly tapers down to 1.1mm thick 1cm from the edge. With a full flat grind and a strong distal taper this knife is lighter than it looks.

The gyuto is hand forged from a go mai (five layer) of 1084 and pure nickel for the outer layers, with the core being 1084. These is also a circular hamon pattern in the centre of the knife adding to the visual appeal. The WA handle is made out of a piece of stabilised Ringed Gidgee with a thin stainless steel spacer.

Blade Length: 240mm
Handle: 140mm
Overall Length: 395mm
Height at heel: 55mm
Thickness above heel 3.8mm
Thickness mid way: 2.8mm
Thickness 1cm from tip: 1.1mm
Weight: 235gm


This is a high carbon steel knife and as such a little extra care is required. Please refer to my knife care page for more information.