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Steak Knife Set

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This is a four piece steak knife set is hand forged out of 52100 high carbon steel and wrought iron which will definitely be a talking point when cutting into your next steak.

The knives feature a san mai construction with the core steel bring 52100 high carbon steel and the outer layers coming from a old wagon wheel. The knives taper from 10mm thick at the back of the handle all the way to near zero at the tip and have a solid feel about them. The knives feature a hollow grind to take some weight out of the knives, and also make for a more keen cutting edge.

The set comes with a sheoak box which can be used to store and/or present the knives.

Blade Length: 100mm
Handle: 115mm
Overall Length: 220mm
Height at heel: 23mm
Thickness above heel 5.6mm
Thickness mid way: 4.6mm
Thickness 1cm from tip: 1.9mm
Weight: 145gm


This is a high carbon steel knife and as such a little extra care is required. Please refer to my knife care page for more information.